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Scottish based seminal choreographer Alan Greig has been creating national and international work for three decades. His passion to create emotional and highly visual dance and thought provoking experimental educational projects has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike.


Alan is a noted choreographer of national and international reputation who has created over 60 community and professional productions.

Greig has dipped into the surreal subconscious with his own distinctive mix of spoof humor and attractive lyrical movement. Greig’s comic interventions are wickedly funny while a high-octane duet is a beguiling instance of Greig’s choreographic finesse.” (The Herald)

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Alan has been teaching professionally since 1986 and has taught thousands of students across a wide spectrum of ages and abilities from youth organisations to professional companies.

His workshops are tailored to meet the specific demands and needs of the client group and can offer 90-minute technique classes, two hour creative workshops, half and full day workshops, professional masterclasses and week-long residencies.

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Most recently (2023) Alan performed ‘Within Reach’ a one man solo at the Eadrainn/Between Us symposium with Dance Ireland in Dublin. This was part of an International artist exchange between Dance Base (Edinburgh) and Dance Ireland (Dublin)

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Alan mentors emerging artists and choreographers bringing his decades long accumulated choreographic knowledge and expertise.

“Alan helped me find different ways of working and to ask questions of myself which I hadn’t explored before. he created a safe, nurturing environment which lead to the development of exciting new pathways.” Lucy Ireland (Dance artist)

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If you are interested in working with me then please get in touch using the details below or through social media.

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