Alan has a unique ability as a performer to switch from the dramatic to the comedic, and uses his flair for expressive writing to combine acting, dancing and stand up comedy in his works.

Alan Greig has been surprising and entertaining in equal measures over the last decade” The Metro

In August 2023 Creative Scotland awarded a professional development award for Alan to continue to research his evolving solo show ‘Within Reach’. This was created in situ at Dance base and Edinburgh college and allowed Alan to develop his writing skills and be mentored by award winning actress Pauline Goldsmith, who acted as outside eye and theatre director. New choreography was created and he now has a 40 minute show that will tour to festivals and venues next year.

In April, 2023 Alan performed ‘Within Reach’, a one man solo that showcases his writing and choreographic skills, was performed of part of the Eadrainn/Between Us Symposium in Dublin. This is a developing solo which has performed at the Hidden Doors festival (2022) and has been supported by Dance Base and Dance Ireland creative residencies. The solo takes dance in to new and unusual spaces in public buildings and explores site sensitive, site responsive, pop up and promenade possibilities. ‘Within Reach’ looks at the ageing body and plays with gender, identity and LGBTQ+ icons including Quentin Crisp, Joan Crawford, Bette Davis and Tennessee Williams.

Alan has also performed with Commonground Sign Dance Theatre (London), Janice Parker Productions, Theatre du Pif (Hong Kong) David Hughes Dance, Off Kilter, and SmallPetiteKlein. Alan has performed professionally since 1986, most notably for X Factor Dance Company (1990-2009).

Greig has always managed to come up with pieces of dance that are at once unique, disturbing, thought provoking and most importantly entertaining” Edinburgh’s Evening News.

‘Into the light’, a previous solo show was performed at the Shanghai Dance festival and supported by the British Council/Scottish Executive to perform at the Shanghai World Expo fair (UK Pavilion).

Greig’s works are meaningful, evocative and accessible.” The Guardian.

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